GrowthAngels.com was started by the founders of online businesses that grew incredibly quickly via the focused application of many of the online marketing disciplines. Most of the founders companies have since been acquired by bigger fish.

Instead of starting new companies from the ground up, we felt our time could be better used if we focused exclusively on our greatest strength.

So we decided to become “growth angels” of existing companies by investing capital and helping them to implement successful online marketing campaigns and strategies in exchange for equity, creating a win win partnership.

We’re creating a network of successful online business entrepreneurs who have been there before and who are experts in one or more online marketing fields so more companies can benefit from such a partnership. We’re passionate about fostering entrepreneurship in any way possible and felt this would be a great way to help many entrepreneurs achieve success.

Matt Dickinson

Founding Angel

Matt’s been creating, scaling, selling and investing in online businesses since 2000. In 2005 he created a performance based online lead generation business, the beginnings of the iMega Group, grew it to millions of visits per year and sold it to a public company.

Previous to all of that he was an Internet Strategy Consultant for KPMG and was lucky enough to talk his way into a Bachelor of Information Technology (BIT) Scholarship program at the University of Technology Sydney. In the stone age he used to play around on Gopher, Bulletin Boards and other pre World Wide Web Internet technologies in his bedroom and sometimes wishes he had of started trading domain names much earlier, like after he made lots of money (for a 15 year old) buying and selling Magic the Gathering collectible cards.

Somewhere in amongst all the business and geeky stuff he played loads of competitive sports and captained the Aussie Inline Hockey team at a few world championships – scoring goals and getting smashed into the boards 5 nights a week eventually got boring, so he decided to focus on something far more challenging, exhilarating and fulfilling – hanging out in mother nature by getting dropped off on top of mountains by helicopters in remote parts of Northern Canada so he can slide down all the deep powder (he’s only been buried once, that was a close one!) and chasing swells around Indonesia and the Pacific surfing some of the worlds greatest reef breaks – much harder to master.

In Matt’s own words…

During my early online business adventures in the early 2000′s I started to learn about the tremendous value of mastering an online businesses data (so you can make informed decisions about your product, marketing, knowing how much it costs you to acquire customers and what their lifetime value is) and distribution (scalable, cost effective customer acquisition across the Internets biggest platforms – used to be primarily Yahoo/Overture and Google, now Google, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Apple etc).

So I started creating a handful of different online businesses that focused an incredible amount on data and distribution channels. Probably the most interesting and explosive one grew from myself, an online marketing assistant and a part time hacker. It was a lead gen business in the CPC/CPA space. Even in the mid 2000′s it was an incredibly competitive market with hundreds of multi-million dollar a year businesses competing, but I’d learnt a thing or 2 from a couple of my other online businesses that were humming along nicely so I thought I could successfully create an edge and compete. In under 2 months we went from 20 unique visitors after my 1st test of the concept to over 300,000 unique visitors per day (95% of the traffic was bought – at over 100% Return on Ad spend per day). I remember experiencing a weird feeling when I went to a cricket game at a stadium in Sydney that had around 60,000 people there, and looking around at the shear size of the place and just how many people 60,000 people actually was (its very different compared to what they look like in web analytics!) and thinking while I was there that 2 times as many people would pass through a few websites of mine in this new online business. I wondered how many more stadiums full of people I could channel through my websites per day.  2 months after that I merged my business with 2 other online marketing geniuses and had 15 full time staff working on the problem and going very well. We then went onto further growing and selling that business to a public company.

I love how fast things can scale and happen in many online businesses if you give them what they need to go absolutely nuts. Its incredibly exciting being a part of creating that and watching it all unfold from behind the scenes, and that’s one of the reasons I created Growth Angels – so I can be a part of and help other online entrepreneurs experience that over and over again.

The idea behind Growth Angels is to scale your online business, by utilising the knowledge, experience and resources that myself and my network of other online business and marketing executives have gained in the trenches since this little internet thing was created ;-)

Drop me a line through the contact form below and tell me about your online business. Give me an overview of your business, including your company idea, your team, the market, the competition, how you’re different/better, your distribution model and any other information you feel is pertinent. If it looks like we can add significant value to your business I’ll arrange a skype chat, coffee or a beer with you.

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